Printed Circuit Boards (Asia). Up to 36 layers. Rigid, Flex and Rigid-Flex. Quick turn 5-7 days and high volume. Laser Drilling. ISO 9001:2000 

Electronic Contract Manufacturing in Asia (Taiwan & Shanghai). Low cost manufacturing with outstanding service. Offering engineering support, climate controlled inventory management with finished good programs.

Cable / Harness Assemblies.  Manufacturing of data and electrical cable assemblies.

Leading manufacturer of innovative LEDs. LED product line which includes SMD LEDs & Displays, High Brightness LEDs, Through-Hole LEDs & Displays, Circuit Board Indicators, and other LED-related products. Accredited with IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 certification.


Printed Circuit Boards  24 hour to 7-day quick turns, Blind/buried Vias, Filled Vias, Microvias, 3/3 lines and spaces, HASL, FR4 based materials, Aluminum based Substrates, Teflon RF Substrates, Prototype to Production.

America Components, Inc. World-class manufacturer of Power Inductors, Inverters, DC-DC Converter Transformers, Chokes, RF Coils, Pulse Transformers and High Reliability

Flexible Connections:  FIX Jumpers, ZIP Jumpers, FIX Jumpers, FIX Crimp, FIX Power, SMD, FFC, FLL, Flexible Modules

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Conventional PCB - (Electrolytic Copper Foil)

High Current PCB - Thick Copper PCB, (Electrolytic Copper Foil), Ultra Thick Copper PCB, (Rolled Copper Foil), and Combination PCB, (Coexistence) 

Special PCB - Aluminum Base PCB, (High Heat Dissipation), Copper Inlay PCB, (Heat Dissipation for Power Device), and Bus Bar Embedded PCB

Copper Foil Thickness 0.5/1/2/3/4/5/6/6.8/8.6/11.4/14.3/22.8/28.5/57.1 OZ.